About us

The University of Toronto Students for a Free Iran (UTSFI) is an independent social organization that seeks to promote diversity and freedom for Iranians and Iranian-Canadians at the University of Toronto. UTSFI seeks to create a safe and inclusive space for the Iranian and Iranian-Canadian academic community to engage with and preserve the Iranian cultural and historical heritage. UTSFI acknowledges the unacceptable history of oppression based on gender, ethnicity, and religion in Iran. UTSFI has been formed to: (1) address this history of oppression, (2) preserve and document it, (3) and provide an open platform to the Iranian community to emerge as a free society from this history. UTSFI is non-partisan and non-religious.

While aiming to promote freedom, equality, and liberty for the Iranian community, UTSFI will not advocate the interest of any political and/or religious entity. UTSFI is a non-profit organization. UTSFI will not provide services for the monetary benefit of any private entity and/or a third-party organization.